Enjoy a Stress-free Time Away From Your Home

While you are out of town, your home will be inspected and maintained. Good Son Home Services has such a discreet program your neighbors will never know that you have left.

Our Snowbird Home Watch Program can’t be beat for quality and efficiency! If any issues arise, you will be notified immediately. Minor repairs will be done on-site at the time of inspection. For major repairs, you will be consulted and the job will be done under our supervision with your authorization. Your peace of mind is our goal. Enjoy your time away!

The Snowbird Home Watch program includes the following services:
  1. Empty mailbox daily
  2. Curb trash bins randomly to give occupied appearance
  3. Move car to different areas of your driveway
  4. Remove debris from yard
  5. Alternate interior lights
Partial inspection list
  • Home exterior will be inspected for any damage, torn screens. Fallen tree limbs will be removed.
  • Visual gutter and roof inspection. Replacement of any bulbs if needed.
  • Interior inspection of every room in your home.
  • Check bathroom sinks and showers for leaks.
  • Run water and flush all toilets.
  • Check all appliances for proper operation, including hot water heater.
  • Smoke detectors checked and batteries replaced if needed.
  • Inspect electrical panel for tripped circuits. Any timers will be reset due to power outages.
  • Test security system and reset. All doors and windows checked and locked.
  • Check air conditioning for desired settings; replace filter if needed.
  • Pool maintenance, landscaping and pest control contractors will be monitored to make sure they are doing their job.

Note: We will gladly use your filters and batteries if you have them in-house. If not, Good Son will obtain the replacement and charge your account at fair market rate. Most Visits ONLY $25.00 Per Inspection!

Individual & Corporate Relocation

You have a lot to think about when you're making a permanent or temporary move for your job. The Good Son & Staff will handle all the details so you can focus on your Family and New Position. We will Unpack, Set up all Services, Telephone, Internet and Cable TV. Need some food in refrigerator when you arrive? We Do That TOO!

Lifestyle Services

The Good Son is your destination for complete home management. Services include the following:
  • Will assess and replace your current vendors
  • Discreet Snowbird home watch
  • PerfectStorm hurricane preparation
  • Daily errands and tasks
  • Physician’s appointment transportation
  • Medication delivery
  • Limo service to airport and cruises
  • Pet sitting & dog walking

If you want a special service, just let us know. No detail is overlooked!

You're Fired!

If your landscaper, pool man, housekeeper or other home service contractor is not performing up to your expectations, the Good Son will “remove” and replace your present service. That’s right! We will replace your existing service with one of our approved vendors. Just contact us and we’ll make that uncomfortable call for you.  We will also replace your existing service with one of our preferred vendors (subject to your approval).

PerfectStorm Watch Hurricane Preparation

Living in South Florida should be enjoyable and relaxing so don’t let a storm stress you out. Our PerfectStorm Watch Program will make sure you’re properly prepared for bad weather. We will:
  1. Install and remove your hurricane shutters
  2. Stow all patio furniture, pool supplies, garden hoses, propane grills and tanks in your garage or guest house.
  3. Remove all debris.
  4. Inspect the exterior and interior of your home for any damage.
  5. Make arrangements for any necessary repairs

For our seasonal residents, we can take care of these tasks in advance so your property will be ready for the first storm on the year.